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Water-pollution.org.uk is the largest Online resource to Water pollution, Causes of Pollution, Sources to Pollution and how to Prevent Pollution.

The website is driven and run by Casper Ohm: Marine Biologist and Journalist, who’s working every day to save our ocean and the environment.

We belive that together we can overcoem the challanges our worl is faceing, but only if we act now. 


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The purpose of this website is to share information about Water pollution. We’re sharing facts, Statistics, and solutions


What is causing Water Pollution, right now? Learn about the causes to solve the problems at the root. 

The Dangers of Water Pollution

Virtually all types of water pollution are harmful to the health of humans and animals.

ways of preventing water pollution

If you want to help keep our waters clean, there are many things you can do to help.

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We’re not looking for donations of funding, but if you want to help us in our mission there are plenty of things you can do.

First of: Share it! Share your act of helping, as your action might inspire other people to help.

Second, help out! Look at your home, what can you do here. Do you dive in the car or take the bike.

Now, if you want to help us. We’re always looking for your pollution story. Write to us at [email protected]

Do not donate, take action!

Right now we’re facing one of the biggest global crises ever!
All over the world, there’s water pollution damaging our oceans, our rivers, the small lakes, and it’s even in our ponds. We must do something about water pollution and stop it before it ruins all of the water on the planet. This is not just the government, the major, the president or the other countries, this is on all of us.

Our ancestors realized that water was a great way to transport people and goods. Well, that principle applies to the natural environment as well. The alarming element is that water is our basic human right and we are contaminating it deliberately.

We’re now finding microplastic and trash in seafood and animal.
The impact of micro-plastics has been studied in a variety of shellfish (bottom-feeding creatures like mussels and oysters). These bottom feeders are the current poster children of research because they are the ocean’s garburators, they draw in large amounts of water to eat algae or any small or left-over particles of food. Therefore, they are very exposed to micro-plastics. The exposure has been found to impact their reproductive systems even affecting their offspring. Eating these micro-plastics also leads to their offspring ‘growing up’ to be smaller and less robust.

We haven’t seen the full effect of the pollution already in our water, but I’m sure there’s a future. We just have to fight for it.


Casper Ohm

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