Do you have any water pollution issues you would like to discuss with other users or any experiences you would like to share? Perhaps you have some tips or advice about dealing with water pollution at home? Leave your comments here using the simple form below.

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  1. Cliff West says:

    As a former wastewater plant operator of 34 years experience. It seem as though the DEQ here in oregon is worried about the small dischargers while the paper mills and chemical manufactures can change the color of the river and nothing is done.
    I’m a boat owner with a 18′ Starcraft. DEQ is in a big dither about the boaters peeing in the rivers. When my wife, daughters and I need to go, we pee over the side. There is no other choice as there are no rest stops like on the highway.
    This is minimal when compared to the industrial dischargers.
    The people of the world should not use the environment as a garbage can. Everything has to be reused with one use products eliminated.
    When I was a kid the milkman delivered milk in glass bottles and picked up the empties. Now we buy milk in the store and throw the empty bottle in the trash. Progress? I think not.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I hate water pollution. It causes diseases and viruses. The water pollution also kills animals and makes them sick. I wish the Earth could be cleaner and learn how to recycle!

  3. jahnavi mukundan says:

    I just wanted to tell the people to keep water clean and not to throw garbage in ponds, seas & lakes.

  4. Samantha says:

    Any tips you can give me? please, as many as you can. Great Website.

  5. patty salmon says:

    I agree on everything you have said good work.

  6. Leah Fall says:

    I think you should put the causes of water pollution on here!

  7. isabel barlow burn says:

    This website was very useful for my ICT project at school.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bottled water is not always safe!!

  9. Addi Chhetri says:

    Thanx 4 making such a great has helped me a lot in my project work and it has given me an awareness on water pollution.

  10. Nikko E. Balabis says:

    Thank you for all of this because it is important to me and it helps my research project complete and success….

  11. Yesi says:

    This website is very useful.

  12. Amna Khan says:

    I would only like to say that water pollution is mainly the harm of this world as the world needs water the more the companies are wasting it with thier chemicals and smoke

  13. bourgoisie says:

    I know that water pollution is increasing day by day and we all blame the government for not taking actions. But we got to be honest with eachother here on this issue. If all of us contribute to save water and prevent pollution then there wouldn’t be any problem today at all. it is still not to later to act, but it depends on us, whether we chose to conserve the beauty of planet earth or let be consumed by the dark chemicals.

  14. Tania Kristabel says:

    We should not throw anything into the sea as it waill cause water pollution….. and it will kill marine life….

  15. Bruce says:

    Save water and throw more rubbish in the bin and one more thing, do not spit anywhere you like. Please keep the environment clean.

  16. Carolin says:

    Great Page thx for many information

  17. lauren & megan says:

    How are chemicals formed in water pollution ?

  18. Cheah Yi Ting says:

    How does soapy pond water have effects on birds? You can place the answer on this website. Thank you.

  19. Dalton Flatter says:

    No matter what, there is no way to get rid of water pollution because the water is already polluted. You can stop it but how are you going to clean it up?

  20. Sharen Bunn says:

    Can you tell me what the dangers of oil in a water well are? Thank You

  21. Kuam says:

    I believe that lead sinkers for fishing is causing a major effect on aquatic life. It’s another way of allowing “lead” into the water, which is a disaster!

  22. Strawberry says:

    Factories can avoid oil spills, littering and deforestation. Markets can avoid making lots of smoke.

  23. Bob Thomson says:

    I think we should not cause pollution as we are doing damage to the environment.

  24. kristen f says:

    I think water pollution is very stupid. It’s sad to see so many animals die. Why don’t people care?

  25. DAVID B. says:

    I know that water pollution is bad for humans and animals. I now that we are drinking water that we have use. Even do we have filters is till does not clean it well.

  26. eccles tan says:

    This website gives us an understanding of pollution and its dangers, it is very good as it is really detailed. I really learned a lot.

  27. meghna reddy says:

    This is a very useful and nice site and proved useful for my project at school.

  28. Saba Binte Haider says:

    I think we should make sponsors like running races to collect some money 4 the water aid so we can stop it from happening.

  29. abigail ellen fitzpatrick says:

    I think we should start to think a bit more because our planet is melting away we should not waste any water for a start . I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use water but just don’t waste it because, well I’m not trying to scare any one but in a few years time our planet will run out of water and not a single drop will be left. But that will be in 100000 years time.

  30. wendy peters says:

    Don’t let the taps run too long.

  31. BethJ says:

    I think this website is good for kids around 6-9 it is very good for my children

  32. turkish girl says:

    Really good site! Good job! This information is really important and helpful. So, everybody must read these!

  33. annomynous says:

    Hello me and my friends are here. We are wondering what to do with our water down our street. We think it has got polluted, because it has gone all green and muddy, when we turn our taps on it comes spitting out at us. Please email to let us know.

  34. siddharth saneja says:

    Your site is very good.
    It can be used for making projects on water pollution and children get to learn from your site.

  35. kylie brown says:

    I would like to say that this is a GREAT site for school! I got a good mark for school by using this site’s information. Thanks!

  36. nas says:

    We must love our environment like we love ourselves. So take care of our world from any pollution.

  37. Sarah Fray says:

    I think that we should limit the amount of trash that we throw away. Its harmful to the fish and we would have no more seafood.

  38. helen says:

    This is a very useful site.

  39. helen says:

    This is a very useful site, thanks for the great tips and information.

  40. Jessica says:

    Does algae ever make water pollution?

  41. HINISHA_B@DG!RL says:

    Eutrophication, coolent etc. are the causes of water pollution.

  42. Sharon says:

    This is a very good website to remind people of the dangers of water pollution.

  43. sumit verma says:

    I think we all should take steps to prevent water pollution. Water pollution can’t be stopped by the work of a small number of people work. Unity is strength. If we all get together against water pollution, then it will be a great help for nature and most importantly for us.

  44. aysha shazia T C says:

    I would like to share a little information on water pollution in bellandur lake in bangalore.. I wanted 2 give a seminar on this topic in my college n so went to capture it in a video camera… How I wished I could capture the stink of that lake… domestic waste, sewage, industrial waste, animal waste n what not!!!!!!!! Tt’s high time government take action.. It was claimed to be cleaned spending 5.5 crores…but later on only to find that the officials had eaten up the money n the load costing crores r still lying in the godown which will decay and again go as a pollutant in to the lake..

  45. sarah jones says:

    I have some geography coursework and i’m wondering whether algae causes or reduces water pollution and whether we would expect more or less algae with a higher population?

  46. master says:

    Why do we have pollution?

  47. maria says:

    Thank You for all these wonderful facts about water pollution! At my school’s open house, my team is going to talk about water pollution. I hope my team’s voice will go to the whole world.

  48. vijay sharma says:

    Thanks for information!!!!!!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Your website will help kids to learn.

  50. fred guppy says:

    Your website is cool, I learnt a lot from it !!

  51. Anonymous says:

    We could try to stop throwing garbage in the atmosphere and to stop letting our family do anything to hurt the planet.

  52. ALLANB. MASHETI says:

    Causes of water pollution are majorly from point and nonpoint sources. In the former there is effluents from industries while in the latter there is runoffs from farms of fertilizers and pesticides.

  53. Anonymous says:

    I think water pollution occurs mostly by human activities.

  54. Daisy says:

    I think that this website is very good for school. I think that this is the best website to look for questions and other things, thanks to this website I get good grades on reports.

  55. Valerie walker says:

    Who is responsible for maintaining the River Alt I am on the Field Lane Estate Fazakerley Merseyside and at the back of my house is the river with all kinds of wildlife, but also there are bikes drums and items which have been flytipped on the bank and in the water i have cleaned it up a little but someone needs to come and clean it properly it is a disgrace and harmful to the envoronment I have found bottles of paint stripper down there paint and Turps, i hired a skip and did quite a bit myself but it needs doing propery can anyone help on this matter .Everything what is there is not biodegradeable plastics bikes chairs ect and is detramental to the animals can anyone help me on this matter with a contact no to get the ball rolling many thanks.

  56. Ariel Dembele says:

    This site is very useful

  57. LC says:

    Very useful website but I think you should have separate sections for industrial manufacturing processes, electricity generation, farming, domestic living.

  58. francesca mclain says:

    This is a really good water pollution site.

  59. sophie leathem says:

    I think there should be someone from the council to stay at the rivers and hand out fines to any one that throws rubbish into them.

  60. Anonymous says:

    We should go back to the old times and see to the bottom of the ocean again. If we stop now we can clean it all up and start over.

  61. Charizze Faye T. Mendoza says:

    Water Pollution is due to man’s carelessness and improper disposal of garbage and other undesirable impurities and it poses danger to all living things.


    Solid and liquid wastes from homes and factories such as soap, detergent, grease and dirt.
    Industrial wastes contribute in water pollution such as chemicals in manufacturing processes.
    Fertilzers and chemicals sprayed on crops cause pollution.
    Oil from ships are thrown directly into the sea, affecting marine lives.
    Volcanic eruptions and lava flow affect living organisms.


    It kills not only human beings but other living things as well.
    Heavy pollution deteriorates marine life.
    Liquid pollutants poison lives.


    Everybody should be aware and realize the ill effects of water pollution.
    We should prohibit the disposal of garbages into the waterways.
    Construction of shanties along river banks should be discouraged.
    Industries and manufacturers should have an anti-pollution device.
    The concerned government agencies should have close monitoring in the proper garbage disposal.

  62. Hamdini says:

    I think that the community were i live at would recycle more if recycle bins were provided for us!

  63. saurabh says:

    Nice site! Very useful for my projects.

  64. Mark Simmons says:

    That is very good and useful information for me to read about the polluted things in the oceans and rivers and lakes.

  65. Charli-girl says:

    I think we should stop people throwing their excreation in the rivers, canals etc. It isn’t very nice and nasty gases, germs and such are like disturbing the water creatures

  66. melissa shaw says:

    We could use less cars and get more exercise by walking instead of polluting the air and creating global warming which is killing the great barrier reef and other coral reefs.

  67. azahari says:

    What I can say based on my research and the experiment that I have made, I think that it is impossible to overcome water pollution however we still have a chance to minimize it… so let us take stepa and make this world save.

  68. Nosipho Nziweni says:

    I think that water pollution is never gonna stop and people are gonna die sometime. There might be people that try to prevent water pollution, but there are always people that don’t wanna take part and help……..PEACE!!!

  69. amal says:

    I like the way to decrease the pollution in a very easy way.. I will start from here, I will tell my friends about it and try to help the environment very well.

  70. sadie kendrick says:

    This web is excellent….
    I found a lot of useful information……

  71. rizwana says:

    I just want to say “save water, and save the future of our world.”

  72. Gemma Paige Newman says:

    Great website, it helped me lots!!

  73. Aaron Williams says:

    This website was very useful to me in my school project… thanks!

  74. ashley says:

    Water pollution is bad, it causes bad damage to the ecosystem.

  75. ben says:

    When toxic substances enter lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, and other water bodies, they either get dissolved, lie suspended in the water, or get deposited onto the bed. When that happens, the quality of the water deteriorates. Pollutants can seep down and affect the groundwater deposits. Water pollution has many sources. The most polluting of them all is the city sewage and industrial waste dumped into the bodies of water.
    Domestic sewage refers to waste water that is discarded from households. It is a very small fraction of the sewage by weight, but it is large by volume and contains impurities such as organic materials and plant nutrients that rot over time. The main organic materials are food and vegetable waste, plant nutrient that comes from chemical soaps, and washing powders. Domestic sewage is also very likely to contain disease causing microbes. The disposal of domestic waste water is a huge problem.
    Today, many people dump their garbage into streams, lakes, rivers, and seas. The substances that we use for keeping our houses clean add to water pollution because they contain harmful chemicals. People used to use mostly soaps made from animal and vegetable fat, but most of today

  76. julz soriano says:

    Whoever made this site, thanks!
    Tons of useful info. It’s been a great help. ๐Ÿ˜€

  77. Brian says:

    I think that you guys should send a letter to the president telling him to give a warning to every state in the united states and talk to them about water pollution and what it causes just like I am

  78. dr A. Khan says:

    Now its a time to have long and concrete discussion on water pollution and its controll anh sustainability in order to have green water as every live & society develops and grown up at the banks of revers

  79. shivansh says:

    You can write about the pollution that takes place in other countries.

  80. Cheri says:

    I think the concept of water pollution is wrong because it is harming yet another aspect of what makes up planet Earth. We need this water to live so therefore the human race should not be doing all of these things to harm it. I think we should try and stop or at least cut down on polluting the water.

  81. zana says:

    I like this water pollution guide. I have one project I get everything from this site thank you very much.

  82. harrish makode says:

    This is a very useful and nice site and proved useful for my project at college.

  83. water saver says:

    Save water for a better future…very useful site for my project …thanks a lot

  84. David says:

    This is a wonderful site but there is one error: global warming is not a cause of pollution as there is no proof it is happening. There is still no proof that carbon dioxide is linked to global warming and the key data that seemed to prove global warming has been discredited in the recent "Climategate" scandal. It is important that children get correct information so please update your otherwise excellent site. Many thanks!

  85. Les says:

    Could you put some ideas on how to measure water pollution in our local area?

    On a side note, please get rid of the involuntary acoustics that play when I open your web page. It is very disruptive in my office every time I visit your site.

  86. yana says:

    Don’t throw rubbish into the river or lake..Remember this!!Please love our environment..

  87. Alivia says:

    I am doing a project and this website is realyyy helping me

  88. angelica says:

    Thanks for the information about water pollution.

  89. Jacqueline Akers says:

    Water is in everything we use basically.
    There is a village in China called Cancer Village. People are dying fast because of the water they drink & put in their crops.

  90. olivia says:

    There is also storm water pollution. It runs down the streets when raining. It enters the hole (drains) and enters lakes, creeks oceans and pollutes our world.

  91. courtney anderson says:

    What are the long and short term effects for the species living in our waters?

  92. Ellie says:

    This website was extremely useful in my educational studies.
    It had lots of simple facts that were extremely insightful and useful for creating presentations

  93. Melliah Lander says:

    I think we should take charge and try to stop water pollution!!!!!!

  94. NatalieLai and Nicole Chan says:

    Hi we are 4 grade 6 students and we are inquiring into the issue of water pollution, we saw your website and we thought that this was a pretty good site to use. We would like to know more about water pollution so if you can please email us at the email above or you can give us some advice and comment back

  95. girish chandilya says:

    Wonderful website!!!!!!!!!
    It really helped me a lot.

  96. Bonquiqui says:

    I love this website for a project I am doing about pollution but I may not be able to use it because there is not an authors name. Please put an authors name for me =]

  97. shanay says:

    BOTTOM TRAWLING is a really bad thing and people have the right to no about it so could you please put somthing up about bottom trawling because it has something to do with the water so it should be on this website

  98. anns maria says:

    It was very useful for my holiday homework… it has very beautiful pictures in it.

  99. billy bob joe says:

    i think that water pollution is very bad.
    i thought that we should not trough trash in the water!
    the end!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. kavya says:

    I believe that the main source of water pollution is industrial waste. we should do something to prevent it.

  101. marcellagrech says:

    Polluted sea water can clog reverse osmosis factories which produce potable fresh water. Could increase the reduction of fish stock whilst increasing the amount of harmful bacteria,algae and marine animals which compete with the human beings for the marine livestock. We should take care that all sorts of pollution is stopped starting from our own homes, workplaces, fields etc.

  102. sylwia says:

    In my country – Poland in the biggest city – Warsaw they have situation that drains and pollutions from left side the Vistula aren’t purification, and that’s why the biggest river in my country is dirty very much, and I want ask How situation is in your country?

  103. siphuma aluwani says:

    i think the most cause of the water pollution is mining coz the mine release lot of the pollutants and the mainly deal with extraction of the surface

  104. zarna says:

    This site provide me such good knowledge about water pollution… such good content…excellent pics, I got all the information which I need for my project.. excellent!!!

  105. Hazel Praise says:

    I think we should start acting now on how to prevent water pollution to save our planet.

  106. andrew antwi says:

    Water pollution is spoiling our environment and should stop now.

  107. Amde says:

    Water pollution is caused by human activities that is a biohazard or causes danger to water.

  108. cody akers says:

    This is a good resource to use when you need to know about water pollution.

  109. Ellynn says:

    I have been doing research on water pollution for an college research paper and i think that they need to start with the point sources and little by little with non-point sources but until they do that how is allowing the point sources to do what they do going to help or affect the non. they should make changes first to show everyone just how dangerous it is

  110. g surf says:

    Northumbrian Water pollute the sea with raw sewage every day of the year.

  111. Jucy says:

    This website was useful;) Thanks who ever made it .It helped ALOT!:)

  112. Sejin Park says:

    Thanks for the information, it helped me with my science presentation!!

  113. lara says:

    Water pollution can be very dangerous.

  114. Me says:

    We can prevent extra water pollution but we can’t get away most of what is already in the ocean

  115. Linton says:

    Water pollution is major issue. This must be controlled else world will become a ground for harmful diseases.

  116. Sarah says:

    Water pollution has worsened because of the discharges of untreated wastes from homes and industries and leaks from marine vessels.

  117. meerja says:

    Water pollution is very dangerous. It can take human life along with animals.

  118. Neha says:

    THANK YOU this is going to help me heaps in my school report….

  119. me says says:

    We can control water pollution by not throwing waste into rivers, lakes etc.

  120. me says says:

    Thank you very much, it helped me a lot in my project…

  121. Deepak Sharma says:

    Water is not the source of drinking, it’s a very imp. part of life. Please save water.

  122. anna adriana says:

    This information helped me for my science portfolio… this website is awesome!

  123. Daniella says:

    Hopefully people that read this will now be aware and look after our planet!

  124. phyllis says:

    People need to start picking up their trash and start caring!!!

  125. Crystal says:

    Thank you very much it helped me a lot in my project!

  126. Destiny Brown says:

    I think this website is very helpful and fun, the pictures provided give it a fun look, and it also has the information that supports it. The site is very helpful and hopefully help me with my art project. My topic is water pollution and I think the information will help me create my poster. LOVE IT

  127. Meg says:

    Awesome website for water pollution! Has all the details and complete information. Hope you will make one for air pollution and land pollution too! (: This has helped me a lot with my project.

  128. Sanyam says:

    It’s a nice website!!!!

  129. Ale says:

    People have to start caring about batteries disposal. They pollute not only the soil but also hundred thousands litres of water, and only 3% of the Earthยดs water is fresh water. Contact your local authorities to get information about green organizations in your area.

  130. Shreya Saxena says:

    Thanks a lot for the info. It helped me immensely in my project. Also the diagrams and links were fun. Great work!!

  131. h2ofilters says:

    Most people are not aware that their water use and habits can come back to contaminate their water. For instance, street litters, improper disposal of garbage and pharmaceutical products, can end up in the water supply source. Pollution control education should be a must for everyone.

  132. Water pollution is a major problem in this world. Thanks for this info. It helped me in my sister’s project, it is really simple and useful. Thank you very much.

  133. Ayesha says:

    Cause a commotion to save our ocean

  134. Cutie says:

    Water Pollution is a serious threat to our world, it will soon engulf the world… if we… youngsters do not take steps to prevent it… I am doing my bit what about u????

  135. Jiliana says:

    Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (e.g. lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater). Water pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.
    Water pollution affects plants and organisms living in these bodies of water. In almost all cases the effect is damaging not only to individual species and populations, but also to the natural biological communities.

  136. Erin Crawley says:

    Water pollution is definitely a very serious issue. Water is a vital part of our environment so water pollution can affect our whole ecosystem, including humans.

  137. Sravya says:

    Water pollution is increasing today, though we do not have sufficient water for drinking we see floods of water on the roads which is creating the contamination of the mixture in spoiling the ground water too.

  138. Gillian Herman says:

    Well, I think that you should really try hard to not waste water because if you waste water, then you are taking water away from someone else that might need that water very badly. You are also taking water when in some parts of the country they need it to help solve the drought problems.

  139. Gillian Herman says:

    To help solve the water crisis, there is one thing you as an individual can do. There are many more, but this is one of the easiest. You can STOP WASTING WATER! This might sound small, but it’s really not. It makes a HUGE difference. Thanks for reading and hope you will follow through!!

  140. Brett Wilkin says:

    Some dates and authors would make this very useful so it can be referenced in student reports

  141. jordan shafer says:

    This website about water pollution is awesome!

  142. robert hall says:

    I have a still pond it has purple algie, what should I do ? HELP PLEASE

  143. Pragya Shree says:

    Water pollution is very dangerous for our health. It causes so many disease. Please drink pure & boiled water.

  144. harsh says:

    Please save water. You may think that it’s others problem but one day it may be yours!!!

  145. Kastri says:

    Could anyone please give me any website about water pollution from chemicals? anything from causes to consequences

  146. Star says:

    Water pollution means oil spills, and oil spills means dead animals. and sometimes people just throw their trash in the ocean, and they don’t know what it does to animals. like turtles for example. they eat jellyfish. and plastic bags in the ocean means that these turtles will eat them and suffocate. JUST THROW YOUR TRASH IN THE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Olivia Matthews says:

    I liked this, however I don’t understand why people polute the water I think if we all help it could get cleaned up quick.

  148. Elesia says:

    If you want to help out an area around you what would you do to start?

  149. r.sorabh dadhich says:

    Water can cause effect in human health.
    Polluted water can cause many disease like cholera, dysentery, typhoid gastronenteritis, jaundice, and diarrhoea in human beings.

  150. ken-jay says:

    I just wanna ask if creating water pollution is a crime? Are there people who dump their garbage in the lakes or rivers that have been arrested?

  151. Susana says:

    Hi, I’m Susana and I live at the beach in Ecuador where there are no environmental restrictions or rules on anything. Recently some kind of laboratory moved to the area and they have two pipes sticking out to the ocean. I am sure one is pulling water in and the other goes out. I’d like to get samples of what it is they are throwing in the ocean. But I do not know where to start, what kind of tests should I run on samples and what kind of laboratories do this kind of testing. Please help. A lot of surfers have complained about getting ear infections recently and they do not have permission to install those tubes. I just need to know exactly what is it they are dumping in there. Can you help me with information. Thanks

  152. Arun says:

    Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (e.g. lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater). Water pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.
    Water pollution affects plants and organisms living in these bodies of water. In almost all cases the effect is damaging not only to individual species and populations, but also to the natural biological communities.

  153. Anthony says:

    I saw some dirty, disgusting water with dirt, sand and trash in it. Keep the water clean

  154. kp says:

    water pollution is very dangerous and it can kill/make animal extinct!!! if u agree reply

  155. Rebecca says:

    How about addressing the geo engineering chem trails that are polluting the air, soil, and water along with making us sick.
    Expose this travesty.

  156. amelia cooper says:

    Brilliant website, excellent work. I’m proud to comment on here ๐Ÿ™‚


  157. James says:

    I agree that water pollution is a serious problem that must be stopped!

  158. lana says:

    It’s a great site about the pollution, my friends also commented.

  159. atoy says:

    Thanks for this great website. It help me for my class presentation of water pollution… We should treat the water together.

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